The Master Sun Episod 17

11:14 PM


Tak sabar nak tengok episod akhir aka Episod 17 drama The Master Sun !

baru je habis tengok episod 16..ingatkan nie episod last..tapi dah dapat agak dia akan lanjutkan lagi 1 episod..

tadi tengok preview episod 17..nampak sweet je..tak sabar nak tengok episod 17 esok hari..

Preview The Master Sun Episod 17

tak paham? haa, baca je kat bawah nie..hehe


GS: I have changed
JW: Wasn't there any meaning during the time you were away?
GS: My soul has made many promises
GS: Please don't call me
JW: She said she'll message

GS: It's just a story about people in love
Kim: From what I know, he repeated that if there's something to be brought over he'll wait
JW: You leave
GS: I love you, I miss you
JW: Tae Yang you're awake?
TYR: In order not to lose you, I will grab hold of you
JW: I am totally....charismatic till death
GS: JJW-ssi wanna come to me?

(c) axerine_1 at soompi thread


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  1. I watched dat series too. Cter nie xdela super sweet, tp super adorable. tak sabar na tggu subs kuar. *_*


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