First Kiss Thai Movie

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baru je habis tengok movie thai, tajuk dia First Kiss nie baru lagi, tahun 2012..dah lama rasanya aku tak tengok movie thai sebab susah nak cari yang ada eng sub punye..nasib baik terjumpa movie nie siap dengan eng sub bolehlah jugak layan time tengah boring nie..
best sangat movie nie..romantik dan sangat sweet..walaupun ada age gap antara diorang, tapi macam takde pon..hehe

kalau nak tau jalan cerita dia boleh tengok details kat bawah..

 It’s a film about an office lady and a high school boy that accidentally fell in love with each other. This film has a lot of twist and turns that’s why it is really an exciting film to watch. There are even no dull moments in the film that’s why it is really fun to watch. The movie shows how the characters get through their problems like their age gap and prove to each other how much they love each other.

“It’s women’s dream to get their first kiss from someone they love, including Chanisa (Rotmay), a 25-year-old office woman who could never forget about her middle school crush no matter how many years had passed. One day, on the way home in a bus, Sa coincidently received her first kiss from a random high school guy named Bass (Phet)…and that coincidence had changed the love perspective in her life…”

genre : romantik comedy..

if nak tengok, boleh tengok video di bawah..

p/s : nak tengok lagi satu movie thai..

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