Happy & Love Forever

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tengah cari taiwan movie yang best-2 tadi..pastu terjumpa pulak pasal drama taiwan nie -->  Happy & Love Forever ..

baca sinopsis macam best je..apalagi terus cari link utk tengok online dan download..Drama nie taklah baru sangat, tahun 2010..sebab Ming Dao berlakon, tu yang nak tengok..sebab dah lama tak tengok drama dia..dulu kecik-2 selalu tengok drama dia kat TV..semuanya best-2..genre romantic comedy..

  • English title: Happy & Love Forever
  • Also known as: Happiness is Definitely Strong
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 30


Yin Ding Qiang (Ming Dao) and Qiao Yu Bei (Niu Meng Meng) are a pair of sweethearts. But when Ding Qiang throws his heart into work, Yu Bei decides to give up this relationship and travel far away. Many years later, Ding Qiang can't bear his workload and arranges to take an extended vacation. He wants to find love.

One day, Ding Qiang is pursued by a wealthy young woman. To get away from her, he pretends to be in love with a total stranger, Pan Xiao Nuo (Annie Chen). As Ding Qiang makes his getaway, Xiao Nuo is dragged along in a daze and enters Ding Qiang's life.

Xiao Nuo discovers that beneath Ding Qiang 's cold demeanor, he has a kind heart. She decides to help him get together with Yu Bei. But Yu Bei is in love with young designer Lu Sen (Li Yi Feng). Lu Sen has feelings for Yu Bei as well. However, he has a secret, so he hides his feelings from her.
Will Ding Qiang find true love? And will Lu Sen be able to face Yu Bei?

macam best kan?

ok. kalau nak tgk jugak, korang boleh tgk kat link di bawah ye..

Watch online Happy & Love Forever

utuk episod seterusnye, korang boleh cari sendiri dekat playlist tu ye..

bye !

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