Love is Not Blind

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aku baru je habis tengok movie nie pulak ..nie bukan movie korea ye..

nie chinese movie..Love is Not Blind (2011) ..


 Xiaoxian’s life is right on track. She has a steady job at an upscale wedding planning company, a cute apartment, and most importantly, a loving boyfriend of 7 years. Any day now, Xiaoxian is sure that he’ll pop the question. But everything comes crashing down when she discovers that he’s actually cheating on her— with her best friend. How could things go so wrong? Dumped and heartbroken, Xiaoxian is a total mess. It doesn’t help that she has to face perky brides every day. Things go from bad to worse until her sassy, but jaded, co-worker Jian intervenes. It’s not that Jian really cares. It’s more that he’s sick of witnessing her pathetic decline. Xiaoxian seriously needs to get a grip. 33 days into her breakup, Jian’s brand of tough love is working, but Xiaoxian still can’t help wondering: will she ever get a chance at love again?

komen aku:

jalan cerita dia best, tak boring sangat..tapi banyak sangat watak & aku rasa watak hero agak tenggelam..ending dia so-so je..tapi hepi ending lahh..

kalau korang nak tengok jugak boleh klik link di bawah..

p/s : jap lagi nak layan movie lagi..haisshhhhh..bilalah nak study nie..

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  1. Rajin Syu layan ek... :)

    MJ nak layan movie pun kena carik masa..

    Malas sama..heheee


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